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Access Control and Door Entry

Emirate Security provide access control and entry solutions for everyone, whether it be commercial, retail, educational or healthcare providers, allowing them full control around the access of their property.

Door Entry

Door entry systems are becoming an increasingly common feature for private homes and blocks of flats and commercial properties. Door entry systems allow remote identification and authorisation of access by occupants.

There are several door entry solutions that can make your life easier if you have an extensive driveway and automatic gates – our technician can advise you on the most appropriate solution.

Audio Entry

Audio entry is an easy way of being able to talk to a visitor before granting them entry to the building via a door entry phone.

Video Entry

Video Entry offers the same features as audio entry but with one added extra, it will also display images of the visitor for added security.

Access control

Access Control is a convenient way to block access to certain buildings or a particular section on the premises. Access control secures the building electronically, instead of the old lock and key system. These systems can be integrated into CCTV, gate automation, burglar alarms, locks, and state-of-the-art automated access gate and barriers.

We can offer a wide range of bespoke access control systems that are professional and user friendly

  • Standalone Access Control – designed for one door access control
  • Networked Access Control Systems – small to large designs for multiple doors.
  • 24-hour protection

We always guarantee our systems are in line with the most up-to-date industry standards and include a range of useful features to enhance the protection of your assets. These systems can be completely combined with other systems, PC-driven, or simply standalone, depending on the requirement, so you can have total control of who enters the building and when.

Access Control and Door Entry Maintenance

We can maintain existing Access Control and Door Entry Systems in London and the South East in apartment blocks, flats, offices, schools and sports clubs. Our experienced engineers will visit your premises to review your security system and ensure it complies with the necessary standards prior to repair or maintenance.

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