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Gate and Barrier Automation

If you want to enhance the protection of your external entry points, our barrier and gate products may be the best solution. Our barrier and gate automation installation services will contribute greatly to the security of your commercial or domestic property.

Sliding and swing gate automation, as well as automatic barriers, are among the services we provide. They’re all equipped with several safety features that ensure our installations meet, if not exceed, EU safety requirements. We take pride in only selling and installing high-quality barrier and gate equipment from reputable manufacturers.

Automatic Barriers

Automated Barriers are designed to be robust and provide a variety of operating solutions to meet your specific needs, such as remote key fobs, smartphone, the use of a timer or access control reader

Why install Automatic Barriers?

  • Used to prevent unauthorised access to or exit from a venue (i.e. a driveway where gates are not suitable car parks where a fee is required)
  • Used to prohibit vehicles from entering a restricted zone or to determine when vehicles are permitted to enter.
  • Use to allow only those types of vehicles into a specific location.

Types of barriers that can be designed and installed

  • Automatic Rising Barriers
  • Automatic Heavy-Duty Barriers
  • Manual Barriers

Automated Gates

We supply, install, maintain and repair all electric gates. Our automated gates add security to your property and are not designed to be manually opened, in turn making it much harder for potential thieves to enter your home or commercial property. From brand new installations to fitting a system to an existing gate, we’ve got you covered.

Sliding Gates

We create a custom automatic sliding gate that meets your needs and blends in with its surroundings. The gate is fixed into the frame, the electrics are assembled and calibrated, and the gate is checked and passed for safety and protection in regular use once the track and post are complete.

Swing gates

Automated electric swing gates are the most popular choice for domestic properties. We can supply and automate both hardwood timber and steel gates, which can be designed and manufactured for your driveway. You can make your property even more secure by programming the gates in such a way that they open or close at pre-designated times and integrated into standard command systems such as remote controls, keypads, audio or video entry systems and push-buttons.

Secure your property with a wide range of automated gates and barrier entry systems